Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day !

So I had a good and bad time with my familia! Ate some turkey and all the fixings, which are always good.  The only thing I dislike about being there is the conversations. It is always kind of awkward at my mom's house because, well, the women in my family are just all about gossip and talking about everyone and what they are doing!  I hate the fact that they are always in people's business and it's non-stop with them.  I just wanted to leave even though it is something I'm used to. After my mom's house, I went to my dad's with my two sisters, my hubb, my brother in law, and my nephew!  I had such a good time, watched the COWBOYS (lose) and my dad made some ribs.  We left his place and headed for my hubby's family dinner.  Had some MORE turkey and a lot of desserts, OH DEAR LORD lol I am sooo stuffed right now! 

So how was you all's thanksgiving day?? Aside from all the bad things, I am very thankful to have my family and I enjoy every miserable, happy, sad, horrible, joyful day with them. :)

Me touching my belly (aka baby Jason)

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