Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boots That I Love!

Today I woke up early to go to my college's day care for my field hours of observation to become a teacher.  It was a little bit chilly out so I put on my favorite boots!!!Yay!  

Well alright, they are my ONLY boots I have! lol But gosh are they wonderful!  They are comfortable and they only cost me 20$ at KMart.  I don't typically shop there but I couldn't pass it up and since most boots are soooo expensive, I had to get these bargain priced ones.  They are not bad at all, have had them for about 4-5 months.  I was actually not able to fit into them for sometime because of my swollen pregnant feet (hehe) so I am glad that now they aren't tight.

I have class tonite so I will definitely be rockin' these babies out! =D

btw,  Leave me comments below on what you think of my cowboy boots :) and follow me too! Thanks


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