Friday, November 19, 2010

Sixteen day challenge!

Day One : List 10 people you trust the very most.
Day Two: List 10 movies you never get tired of watching.
Day Three: List 10 tv shows you miss from your childhood.
Day Four: List 10 relatives you love being with.
Day Five: List 10 songs you can’t stop listening to.
Day Six: List 10 items you can’t go a day without.
Day Seven: List 10 things you can do best at.
Day Eight: List 10 of your favorite singers.
Day Nine: List 10 of your favorite actors/actresses.
Day Ten: List 10 of your imperfections/flaws.
Day Eleven: List 10 incidents that happened this year.
Day Twelve: List 10 people that could make you laugh ANYTIME.
Day Thirteen: List 10 annoying songs.
Day Fourteen: List 10 things about yourself.
Day Fifteen: List 10 things you wouldn’t change about your life.
Day Sixteen: List 10 things you WOULD change about your life.

Me at 6 months!

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting one of these 16 days in a row! 



  1. Congrats! You still look great! Following the blog :)

  2. Awesome =D Let me follow yours and thanks for reading!