Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lions and tigers and needles! OH MY!

Today I woke up at 7 AM and got ready for my Doctor's appointment.  This appointment was different than the ones I've had before.  It was to check and see if I had gestational diabetes, which is for the sugar level and how my body handles it, and I was fasting from the night before so the results would be "accurate".  The first one I took for the diabetes was about a week ago.  Turns out it was too high so I had to go back and take the second one.  This test was 3 and a half hours long.  When I got there at 8:13AM, I signed in, then waited to be called.  Well little did I know I was going to be getting poked at every freaking hour!! It was horribleee!! So every hour that went by another needle and another needle, more blood, more blood. I got a total of 4 shots, 2 on my right arm and 2 on my left.  The nurse mentioned to me that she was having a hard time getting my vein so on the second needle, she poked around for about what seemed forever! (lol) It was hurting.  I also can't stand the sight of needles so when she would go into my arm, I always looked away. 

I got out of there at about 11:45 AM or so, after that I got home and my lovely boyfriend had left me 3 bean tacos for me when I got home.  AWWWW.  It was a sweet gesture and I mean, it is our 4 year anniversary today!  But we won't be celebrating until Saturday this week. =D

I finished eating quickly.
I left the house again around 12:20 to head to school for my teaching class.  Left the class at around 2:45 then headed towards the school's day care so I could get some field work hours of observation (which I still have 14 and a half to do..eeekk!)  And by this time I just wanted to head home and rest a bit.  As tired as I felt, I stayed for what seemed like the longest hour and a half. For the observation, I thought it was so weird to watch a screen at the day care and just watch them ... watch them like people watch animals at a zoo.  I found it amusing at times when the kids would react towards other kids.  One of them pulled a chair under another child and he starts screaming "Teacher, teacher!" Hahaha Awww kids! Soon I will have my own little bundle of joy!

Leave me comments below on your own doctor experiences! and follow me too.  =D