Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Julie and Julia/Pregnancy

So I just finished watching the movie Julie and Julia.

Somehow it gave me some boost to upkeep my blog and not just set it aside like I have been! avoiding it.

I am also in my 27 weeks pregnancy.  Almost 7 months!  I am starting to feel the dreaded tiredness that comes along with the third trimester.  Sleeping hours and hours a day and feeling exhausted.  I do not like this part one bit!  I was talking to my "step-sister" and she asked me "how far along are you?".  I told her," I'm just into my 3rd trimester".  She does a long face with a frown "Oh, you still have a longgggg way to go!"   That made me feel WAY better hearing that. (lol) Yes, but somehow the weeks and days have been going by so fast, I almost feel like I won't be ready when baby  Jason gets here.  I really need to work on his room and we have yet to purchase any big items for him.  This and school is stressing me out.  But good thing semester is almost over! Yeepeee!!

Stretch marks!  The dreaded stretch marks!  I have some and I KNOW I will get more later on.  Especially in the last month of my pregnancy.  For now it is just me and my cocoa butter "trying" to avoid further damage.


 Leave me comments below on what inspires you to blog or any pregnancy suggestions/advice!


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