Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Four: List 10 relatives you love being with.

Day Four: List 10 relatives you love being with. 

1.)My hubby Frankie
2.)Sonia (my sister)
3.)My dad
4.)My mom
5.)Lupita (my sister)
6.)Laura- my cousin from Mexico
7.)Norma my sister-in-law
8.)Pete (brother-in-law)
9.)In laws
10.)Fluffy my dog (he's like family! lol)

Especially around the holidays makes you really think about how great it is to have these people that you WANT TO CHOKE SOMETIMES around lol When I think back when my grandma was alive I think,"wow, I should have spent way more time with her than I did."  

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day !

So I had a good and bad time with my familia! Ate some turkey and all the fixings, which are always good.  The only thing I dislike about being there is the conversations. It is always kind of awkward at my mom's house because, well, the women in my family are just all about gossip and talking about everyone and what they are doing!  I hate the fact that they are always in people's business and it's non-stop with them.  I just wanted to leave even though it is something I'm used to. After my mom's house, I went to my dad's with my two sisters, my hubb, my brother in law, and my nephew!  I had such a good time, watched the COWBOYS (lose) and my dad made some ribs.  We left his place and headed for my hubby's family dinner.  Had some MORE turkey and a lot of desserts, OH DEAR LORD lol I am sooo stuffed right now! 

So how was you all's thanksgiving day?? Aside from all the bad things, I am very thankful to have my family and I enjoy every miserable, happy, sad, horrible, joyful day with them. :)

Me touching my belly (aka baby Jason)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Three: 10 TV Shows I Miss

Day Three: List 10 tv shows you miss from your childhood. 

1.)Hey Arnold!
2.)Rocko's Modern Life
3.)Boy Meets World

4.)Clarissa Explains It All
5.)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
6.)Freaks and Geeks

7.)My So-Called Life

8.)Family Matters

9.)The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
10.)Saved by the Bell

Doing this post reminded me a lot of my past years and how time is going by so fast.  It seems like just yesterday I was watching my favorite cartoons and just having to worry about waking up early to go to school.

Gosh, it makes me reminisce and a little sad too.

What are some of you all's favorite shows from the past?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day Two:Movies I never get bored of watching

Day Two: List 10 movies you never get tired of watching

 There are more movies that I can never get tired of watching, but these are the only ones I could think of right now.

What other movies do you all enjoy watching over and over again?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day One!

Yay! I just got some new followers! =D Thanks

Day One: List 10 4 people you trust the very most.

1.My hubby- I love him so much and I can basically talk to him about anything!

2.My sister- I enjoy having conversations with her and when we hang out we always have fun!

3.Lizette (my bff)- We have been friends for about 10 years or so and even if we don't hang out for a while, when we do, it's like we had just seen each other last week.

4.My dad- I have really good talks with him even though my parents have been divorced for years. 

Only actually trust 4 people.  It's hard to just name 10 people that I actually would trust with anything.

So if you all would like to also make your own posts on this challenge and let me know! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sixteen day challenge!

Day One : List 10 people you trust the very most.
Day Two: List 10 movies you never get tired of watching.
Day Three: List 10 tv shows you miss from your childhood.
Day Four: List 10 relatives you love being with.
Day Five: List 10 songs you can’t stop listening to.
Day Six: List 10 items you can’t go a day without.
Day Seven: List 10 things you can do best at.
Day Eight: List 10 of your favorite singers.
Day Nine: List 10 of your favorite actors/actresses.
Day Ten: List 10 of your imperfections/flaws.
Day Eleven: List 10 incidents that happened this year.
Day Twelve: List 10 people that could make you laugh ANYTIME.
Day Thirteen: List 10 annoying songs.
Day Fourteen: List 10 things about yourself.
Day Fifteen: List 10 things you wouldn’t change about your life.
Day Sixteen: List 10 things you WOULD change about your life.

Me at 6 months!

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting one of these 16 days in a row! 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boots That I Love!

Today I woke up early to go to my college's day care for my field hours of observation to become a teacher.  It was a little bit chilly out so I put on my favorite boots!!!Yay!  

Well alright, they are my ONLY boots I have! lol But gosh are they wonderful!  They are comfortable and they only cost me 20$ at KMart.  I don't typically shop there but I couldn't pass it up and since most boots are soooo expensive, I had to get these bargain priced ones.  They are not bad at all, have had them for about 4-5 months.  I was actually not able to fit into them for sometime because of my swollen pregnant feet (hehe) so I am glad that now they aren't tight.

I have class tonite so I will definitely be rockin' these babies out! =D

btw,  Leave me comments below on what you think of my cowboy boots :) and follow me too! Thanks


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lions and tigers and needles! OH MY!

Today I woke up at 7 AM and got ready for my Doctor's appointment.  This appointment was different than the ones I've had before.  It was to check and see if I had gestational diabetes, which is for the sugar level and how my body handles it, and I was fasting from the night before so the results would be "accurate".  The first one I took for the diabetes was about a week ago.  Turns out it was too high so I had to go back and take the second one.  This test was 3 and a half hours long.  When I got there at 8:13AM, I signed in, then waited to be called.  Well little did I know I was going to be getting poked at every freaking hour!! It was horribleee!! So every hour that went by another needle and another needle, more blood, more blood. I got a total of 4 shots, 2 on my right arm and 2 on my left.  The nurse mentioned to me that she was having a hard time getting my vein so on the second needle, she poked around for about what seemed forever! (lol) It was hurting.  I also can't stand the sight of needles so when she would go into my arm, I always looked away. 

I got out of there at about 11:45 AM or so, after that I got home and my lovely boyfriend had left me 3 bean tacos for me when I got home.  AWWWW.  It was a sweet gesture and I mean, it is our 4 year anniversary today!  But we won't be celebrating until Saturday this week. =D

I finished eating quickly.
I left the house again around 12:20 to head to school for my teaching class.  Left the class at around 2:45 then headed towards the school's day care so I could get some field work hours of observation (which I still have 14 and a half to do..eeekk!)  And by this time I just wanted to head home and rest a bit.  As tired as I felt, I stayed for what seemed like the longest hour and a half. For the observation, I thought it was so weird to watch a screen at the day care and just watch them ... watch them like people watch animals at a zoo.  I found it amusing at times when the kids would react towards other kids.  One of them pulled a chair under another child and he starts screaming "Teacher, teacher!" Hahaha Awww kids! Soon I will have my own little bundle of joy!

Leave me comments below on your own doctor experiences! and follow me too.  =D


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Julie and Julia/Pregnancy

So I just finished watching the movie Julie and Julia.

Somehow it gave me some boost to upkeep my blog and not just set it aside like I have been! avoiding it.

I am also in my 27 weeks pregnancy.  Almost 7 months!  I am starting to feel the dreaded tiredness that comes along with the third trimester.  Sleeping hours and hours a day and feeling exhausted.  I do not like this part one bit!  I was talking to my "step-sister" and she asked me "how far along are you?".  I told her," I'm just into my 3rd trimester".  She does a long face with a frown "Oh, you still have a longgggg way to go!"   That made me feel WAY better hearing that. (lol) Yes, but somehow the weeks and days have been going by so fast, I almost feel like I won't be ready when baby  Jason gets here.  I really need to work on his room and we have yet to purchase any big items for him.  This and school is stressing me out.  But good thing semester is almost over! Yeepeee!!

Stretch marks!  The dreaded stretch marks!  I have some and I KNOW I will get more later on.  Especially in the last month of my pregnancy.  For now it is just me and my cocoa butter "trying" to avoid further damage.


 Leave me comments below on what inspires you to blog or any pregnancy suggestions/advice!