Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maybelline Smooth Mousse Foundation Review and OOTD

I just recently purchased the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation and tried it today and have had it on for about four hours.  I think it does give pretty good coverage, although I do love my Revlon Colorstay foundation.  It gives medium coverage and I applied it with the triangle applicator sponge it comes with which is pretty easy to apply with.  Would I purchase again? Probably.  It is very "smooth" like the name says and looks natural.  

Before Smooth Mousse foundation


Today I went to a nephew's 1 year old birthday party. Here's the outfit I was wearing.
My OOTD was a green and black stripped shirt from Ross ($8.99) and a black t-shirt under.
$10 sandals from KMart.  Martenity jeans from JCPenney

excuse the dirty mirrorrr

omg look at that belly!!!

on my eyes I added green colors with a hint of yellow eyeshadow over it
88 Eye shadow palette from ($14.99 with free shipping)

The nephews party was at MR. GATTI'S a pizza place, and for candy bags, they gave these cute little baggies! I love them!

So this has been my day so far.  I just stuffed my face with about 12 slices of pizza!! I know I'm horrible lol I had a lot of fun though :D

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  1. I use that mousse too! I like it but it's a little heavy for me. I always used the Maybelline Clean Makeup but they stopped making it. The mousse is good for a little heavier look though and doesn't feel too oily on your skin.