Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day Ten: List 10 of your imperfections/flaws.


1) I have to sing along to every song on the radio/IPod/stores/anywhere if I know it.  It's mandatory for me! hahaha

2)I cuss way too much and it is awful, I hate it but I can't help it!! Potty mouth !

3)Always subconscious when I wear sandals because my toes look weird, well they do to me.

4)I have a small gap in-between my teeth that I had braces for.  Funny thing is I was supposed to get my retainer after I had them taken off but never went back to that same dentist to pick it up.. The gap came back !

5)I'm shy when I meet new people and still it is hard for me to just open up to them after some time.  I am always believed to be very very quiet, but oh far I am not.  They just haven't known me that long. lol

6)Too much TV and facebooking!

7)I am a compulsive complainer and I sometimes dislike that about myself, a lot.

8)Shopaholic, especially with makeup products and hair products.

9)I'm hairy by genetics.  

10)I suck at telling jokes because when I do start to tell it, I forget the joke.  


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