Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And what did the doctor say???

So I just had my doctor's appointment for my pregnancy like two days ago.  I was anxious to see what he would say.  I got my weight checked and then waited in the lobby.  Got called on and then waited in the small room for him to check on me.  He comes in and tells me my sugar level was just passing and that I really need to take care of myself.  He then goes on to tell me "wow, jessica!10 pounds in 4 weeks!! That's a lot of weight gain!"  I felt so horrible when  he told me this.  Not only did he say that I had gained an excessive amount of weight, but then went on to say how he was losing weight and he had lost 10 pounds already.  I could really care less, I AM PREGNANT, for goodness sakes!! I can't lose weight right now, and if I did gain weight, I don't think it is that bad because I hadn't before now. He didn't even really bother asking me if I was fine,or if I had any questions.  And I would feel like I was interrupting his ongoing selfish talk about how he was taking care of himself and blah blah blah! I am starting to not like my doctor and wish I could switch but I'm already 29 weeks (like 7 months) and to start over with another one, I just am not.  

Was I wrong for feeling this way?  I know I'm overweight, but still, RUDE!


  1. Love your blog & Congrats on being pregnant!! I wouldnt worry about gaining 10 pounds. Whats normal for someone else migt not be normal for you.

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