Monday, December 13, 2010

Dia Siete

Wow,Jessica! You really do procrasinate! lol Now to complete the sixteen day challenge

Day Seven: List 10 things you can do best at.

1.)Being online (of course!)
2.)Being very caring
3.)Complain (haha)
4.)Work on my car
5.)knowing car parts
6.)kissing my SO
9.)sing (or so I say! lol)
10.)Procrastinate!! <--the culprit !

For a short blog, today I had a doctors appointment.  Went in, asked to see a DIFFERENT doctor than the one from the last time.  I did not want to go in there and leaving the place feeling horrible about myself and my baby.  So I end up seeing the doctor, she then tells me next appointment will be a sonogram!! Yay, I'm ecxcited!! Can't wait and we are also thinking of getting the 3D/4D of our Jason! =-D

Will keep you all posted if we do decide it would be on the 23rd of this month! Toddles!

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